Rainbow International Tilbury

Fire & Flood Restoration and Cleaning Services

Covering Thames Estuary North

Rainbow International Tilbury

For all your requirements, your local Rainbow branch has a solution – call us for help, advice or action, 24 hours a day on.

01375 847522

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Ian Clarke and the dedicated team deliver a comprehensive range of disaster restoration, commercial cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair services for homeowners and commercial clients.

Rainbow International is the UK’s largest Restoration & Commercial Cleaning company, and provides this service through a nationwide network of over 70 branches. Many of the UK’s top insurance companies choose Rainbow International on behalf of their policyholder’s claims as well as commercial organisations. Each and every year, Rainbow is entrusted to visit thousands of homes across the country on behalf of the insurance industry.

So if you require cleaning following a flood, or cleaning following a fire, Rainbow’s branch based in East Tilbury are expert in restoring homes back to pre-incident condition following disasters. Specialist commercial cleaning is also provided to a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations.

Rainbow International was so quick and efficient with their service that it allowed us to reopen the hotel for bookings just a few hours after the fire, ensuring almost 100% business continuity.

Jonathan Smith, Manager Holiday Inn Express, Manchester

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Rainbow International Tilbury
Unit 64 Thames Industrial Park Princess Margaret Road East Tilbury Essex RM18 8RH